Kollektionen / Cervino



From the Alps and the immensity of its mountains, the Cervino collection is born! This collection is made up of two colours and two different graphics. In the black version, a finely veined, tree-like marble was chosen with white and orange tones, while in the white version, we opted for a ground-breaking design with a white background and contrasting black veins. All the usual formats are presented in rectified porcelain and a finer lapped finish so that it can reflect light as if it were polished. Meanwhile, we have opted for the 40x120 format wall covering, offering it either in white or with a decorative option on white marble with a combination of black and other designs reminiscent of Art Deco. In the coating, you can see the details of the veins and fine lines that have been worked into the piece with the latest ceramic technology, lending it more realism while creating a soft and pleasant feel.



Oberflächenarten und Formate