BLOG | Bathrooms


Who would like to have a wonderful bathroom? I would!…Today, our idea of luxury has changed a lot, as we are leaving ostentation behind in favour of clean forms and minimalism, both of which have removed everything that is superfluous. […]

Among the trends that have emerged over the last few years, pieces with reliefs have earned a well-deserved key role in the interior design of different spaces in our homes. Now we present the Kassia R3060 range, pieces with undulating […]

  Colour is one of the most important element to bear in mind when it comes to decorating, so it is a tool that you should not forget about if you want to create trendy spaces. By merely using and […]

The constant evolution of design leads to the emergence of new styles, as well as the renovation of some of the most traditional styles. This is the case with the Renovated Classical style, which opts for a pure, sober and timeless […]