Ceramic tiles have always been conceived and designed to cover bathrooms and kitchens.  Due to their nature and their intrinsic characteristics, they are ideal for these types of spaces, precisely because of their need for hygiene, easy cleaning and functionality.

After years of research of new uses, applications, finishes, and effects, we can say that today, ceramic has conquered many other spaces which, until only recently, were unimaginable.  Moreover, these are solutions that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The wide offer of formats, colours, designs and finishes make it possible to create spaces that are unique, elegant and of great aesthetic value, conferring prestige and an air of distinction and modernity to its owners.Tienda de trajes de noviasMixtures of colours, textures and decorative styles are essential when covering a space, conditioning the final result and unquestionably transforming it into the protagonist.  Creativity and the capacity to imagine ceramic combinations in the chosen spaces are of the utmost importance.Embossing, geometric motifs, combination of textures and colours…all of these can be used to create attractive and magical visual effects in all rooms.ComedorThe house becomes a home, a place to rest, to live, to awaken the individual creativity of each individual or group.  A place to experiment, to realize and to feel realized.  To create “full colour” combinations where strong and vibrant tones place the accent wherever we decide, filling the rooms with strength, vitality…and personality.Salón-ComedorCreating spaces full of natural effects, with stones, wood…perfect reproductions that transform spaces, making them hospitable and intimate, without sacrificing the intrinsic benefits of ceramic.  Embossing, subtle or robust, allows us to create spectacular and unique corners.SalónCeramic is also very attractive, as we have mentioned on other occasions, for dividing spaces and creating differentiated and independent zones:  https://azteca.es/arquitectos/en/2012/11/16/kitchens-made-for-sharing-time-with-others-bathrooms-made-to-enjoy-time-set-aside-for-yourself/

With regard to styles, we can imagine spaces that are striking without sacrificing functionality.  Combining different finishes and textures, we can obtain elegant, innovative and non-conforming spaces…VestidorCovering spaces with a feminine touch, with soft tones, floral nature-inspired prints, can confer an unusual sweetness to the whole, this being one of the new trends for this season.Taking inspiration from exotic worlds to give exclusivity to any space in the home…or creating metallic effects on the walls, are very risky bids that can only be taken by the most intrepid…the results being cutting-edge and surprising.Two completely opposing styles function very well: ornate and elegant, with palatial reminiscences, full of glamour and sophistication…and, on the other hand, the concept of “less is more” subject to contrast with the former: sober and subtle styles, with neutral colours, where what is really essential is the whole, above and beyond its parts.Ideas for all tastes and creativities.  Dare to experiment with us…the only limits are beyond the imagination.