AZULEJERA TÉCNICA, S.A., AZTECA GRES, S.L., AZTECA PRODUCTS & SERVICES, S.L.U. and AZTECA SERGRUP, S.L., consider their Workplace Risk Prevention Policy to be the aims and guidelines of the Prevention of Risks in the company’s workplace, and incorporate it into their General Policy.

The basic pillars of the Workplace Policy of Risk Prevention are the following:

– The Company considers that the safety of its workers is the main objective, above any other of an economic, financial, commercial or productive nature.

-The Company intends to comply with the legislation regarding the Prevention of Workplace Accidents and Professional Illnesses.

– All members of the Company are involved in Workplace Risk Prevention.

– All those with staff under them are responsible for their safety, and for that reason must know and enforce the risk-prevention guidelines affecting the work carried out.

– The participatory, consultative and representative organ in the field of risk prevention is the Health and Safety Committee.

– The underlying foundations for effective risk prevention are participation, training and information.

-The first preventive action will always be to prevent risks and combat them at their roots.

-Individual protection will always be the last resort, with priority being given to collective protection measures, provided that these are technically and reasonably possible.

– It will be attempted to adapt work to the person at all times.

– The evolution of available technology will be permanently borne in mind.

– Dangerous materials or processes shall be replaced by those which involve less dangerous ones.

– The Company will carry out actions intended to obtain a good psycho-social climate, encouraging good human relations.

– Analysis will be carried out on work positions, tools and the ways of performing the tasks, in order to: avoid accidents and work-produced illnesses, diminish physical and mental fatigue, and increase the level of worker satisfaction.


Approved: October 25th, 2001

Edition: 1