AZULEJERA TÉCNICA, S.A., AZTECA PRODUCTS & SERVICES, S.L.U. and AZTECA SERGRUP, S.L., here forth “AZTECA”, is a company dedicated to the marketing of coverings for the habitat environment and the production of ceramic products; all of which are destined to solve our client’s and specifiers’ needs, and always through our services.

The AZTECA Board of Directors establishes the following basic principles in the area of quality management, which at the same time will serve as a reference point for the company’s quality management objectives:

– Communicate this quality policy amongst all the company’s employees, in order to achieve their implication in the development of the quality management system.

– The commitment to quality is extended to all of the personnel who interact in a process or activity. The responsibility to evaluate the conformity of work realized corresponds to the appropriate author(s).

– The utilization of a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard as a tool for continual improvement of the processes, products, and services, with a clear orientation towards the customer.

– The measurement of the effectiveness of the quality management system, via the objectives’ follow-up indicators, and from the internal and external audits.

– This policy shall act as a frame of reference in defining the company’s objectives on quality, and shall be developed via all activities outlined by the quality system.


Date of approval: January 21, 2009

Edition: 4



General Director.