Kitchens made for sharing time with others. Bathrooms made to enjoy time set aside for yourself

Azteca is evolving with its ceramic products and contributing to the changing concept of bathrooms and kitchens.

Our idea of what a kitchen should be has changed over time. In the old days, the kitchen was the heart of the home, as many families huddled around the warm fire.  Later, new vertical building trends turned the kitchen into a purely practical, functional, compact space.

 The latest tendencies bring the both of best worlds together: functionality as demanded by modern times, and the old-fashioned idea of sharing and caring, nibbling something tasty over a good glass of wine and even better conversation with family, your partner, guests and friends.

The element that made kitchens and bathrooms different and unique in the home – tiles – now allows for infinite possibilities to integrate these spaces into other areas thanks to the latest trends: spaces are larger and enclosed areas are being thrown wide open.

Azteca has such an extensive range of ceramic pieces that regardless of the tastes of our end customers, we can ensure infinite possibilities for creating a modern kitchen that will lend its character to, or perhaps take it from, the whole house and the people who use it – creating an integral, highly personal atmosphere: reliefs, contrasts, inserts, friezes…what was once used to separate is now used to unite, prolong and unify different spaces.

Along with kitchens, bathrooms have undergone a major conceptual change regarding their use and importance within the home.

Of special significance to this qualitative leap are the developments and diversification in ceramic products. For Azteca the pretty little small-format tiles with their eminently practical qualities are a thing of the past. The new, elegant formats with their infinite possibilities and combinations extend the idea of the bathroom beyond mere practicality and into a far more intimate, personal and elegant concept, turning this space into a new place for people to feel comfortable and at home with themselves. The bathroom has become the perfect place for enjoying the well-earned time out that we all deserve, luxuriating in the bath, having a good hot shower, or spending time spoiling ourselves with beauty products in front of a lovely big mirror.