Who would like to have a wonderful bathroom? I would!…Today, our idea of luxury has changed a lot, as we are leaving ostentation behind in favour of clean forms and minimalism, both of which have removed everything that is superfluous.

The ideal concept is to have few elements, which should be moderately organised, creating thus clean and depurated spaces. As you can see, decoration lovers prefer pure and neutral views, regarding forms, so that no detail perturbs meditation.

We want to invite you today to fantasize of our fabulous bathroom choice:


The important issues here are space, a bigger scale than usual and the use of metallic shining, which have always been very valued because of their power of attraction.

Wouldn’t you enjoy in a bathroom like this?…where you can relax in a huge bathtub, enjoying of its simple decoration and of a real Spa in your own house.


What is the most in this kind of bathrooms, as you can see, is the big exterior plate glass windows, as it were a bathroom in the open air, trying to get closer to nature in this private space, so that the views help you find a time for relaxation.


A minimal design, bringing the most elitist and subtle modernity and luxury. I wouldn’t mind to have it at home!…

An astonishing bathroom with views to a private patio. Where materials get fused, with a simply wonderful result.

Three collections offering the newest and most astonishing metallic bright and finish of our catalogue. Ideal for spaces where luxury and elegance come first. Their superb reliefs get together in a new metallic finish, very trendy, combined with a “Total White” style. And where the latest technologies and creativity are joined to create really attractive bathrooms, fully adapted to their users’ needs and preferences.

If you need further information about these series and their finish, texture, colour… do not hesitate to visit our website.

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