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The Orion constellation, with its brilliant stars that are visible from both hemispheres, is known around the world. That is why, in this case, we were inspired by this constellation, since the ORION rectified porcelain collection shines wherever it goes. It surprises viewers with its iridescent shine produced by the blend of minerals in the glaze. Because of these, it gives off a “glittering” effect that makes this series unique. This type is a “sheet metal” style product with strong personality, available in rectified porcelain with two finishes, 5 colours, and three formats. The “LUX” finish is a lapped finish that is really characteristic of AZTECA, and the “SCINTILLANTE” finish is a new, unique finish with a soft touch that does not reflect light like in a lapped finish, but rather gives off an unconventional “sparkling” effect. 5 different colours have been developed: blue, copper, titanium, pearl, and greige. The titanium and pearl colours are the most neutral, suitable for all types of spaces. The blue, copper, and greige colours provide a touch of distinction and fit in perfectly with the Contract channel. There is a variety of formats in which we present the collection: from 60x120 to 60x60, and 30x120, for locking them in both vertically and horizontally.


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