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Within the Natural Elements trend, a collection inspired by river stones has been developed. The stones are soft, worn by the water currents and with very clear white veins. The collection is called Aneto and is made up of 3 formats, 40x120 in white paste and 60x120-60x60 in porcelain, 3 colours and 2 finishes, one for the interior (soft matte) and one for the exterior (dry). The interior finish is achieved after a special lapping process resulting in a smoothed texture and a matte finish, like the stones found in rivers! The 40x120 format will be the best option to coat dining rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms. With either of the two Rock and Wall decorative reliefs, you can create cosy spaces that will remind you of nature. Combine this collection with wooden furniture and white tones and you will get spectacular results!



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