Pantone color azteca

The PANTONE 2020 color is a trend setter! This year, fashion and interior design are loaded with a lot of BLUE, the color chosen to create the new design trends of 2020. Do you know the blue Pantone 2020 color? […]

Tendencias interiorismo 2020

From Azteca’s R&D department, this year, we are committed to the development of collections with a great number of ceramic effects, thus contributing more value to the pieces, with very well-studied designs adapted to our markets and to interior design […]


We are already immersed in this new season. The temperatures have dropped and the days are shorter, so we want to enjoy more time in our homes. That is why we want each environment to have its own warm and […]


Ceramics trends for the remainder of 2018 and 2019 follow the path they started during last year’s fairs: risky products where colour and decoration once again have found their place. On the one hand, all the designs stand out, whether […]


Spring is finally here, the season in which we leave behind the cold winter and the streets are filled with flowers, colours, and sunshine. And of course, the sun and the longer days fill us with energy and we want […]

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