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This collection, developed in porcelain and white paste, aims to satisfy the needs of the Contract channel in its porcelain version and the needs of the traditional channel with the wall coverings and flooring as a whole. It imitates the finish of a concrete with great variety in the design and moderate shading. Made up of 4 colours, grey, white, graphite, and taupe. In porcelain, all colours are developed in the 60x120, 60x60, and 30x60 formats in a natural finish (R10), lapped, and non-slip (R11). In white body, all the colours are developed in 30x90. To decorate this collection, we offer several alternatives. For horizontal placement, there are 3 decorative proposals: a colour relief, a modern decoration made up of 3 pieces that imitates brush strokes as a wallpaper type with gloss-matte contrasts, and a design made up of one piece with a micro-texture that is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. For the vertical placement, we propose a Japanese-style decoration, made up of 3 pieces that form a subtle and elegant forest.



Type of surfaces and formats

White body