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The highly industrial spirit of the Cement Collection can become a very elegant option with the infinite decorative choices that we propose. By indulging in the cementitious appearance of these pieces to the smallest detail, we have made it a suitable option both for a conventional home and any commercial space.  The four tones that make up the collection let you choose between cold and warm hues, all in a neutral tone reminiscent of coloured cements. The collection is dressed up using two decorations in 30x90 and made of white paste. Both decorations have a lot of character and personality, but each one of them transmits a different feel. On the one hand, the Candy decoration is very colourful and geometric, with 5 different designs. On the other, the Cozy decoration is a sight to behold, mixing different textures and colours using the latest ceramic technology, offering up to 5 different designs. A natural finish is ideal for interior spaces, but there is the option of adding an anti-slip finish for outdoors so that the material does not change between interior and exterior spaces.



Type of surfaces and formats

White body