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Inspired by the “Macchia Vecchia” marble, itself, with its white background with golden veins and the characteristic touches of grey and beige. It is a material that suggests settings of the highest luxury and majesty. It is available in two colours: Gold and Silver. The Gold version maintains the very characteristic original orange vein of this marble, but it is also presented in silver for lovers of the classic calacatta marble. Regarding the formats, the porcelain is presented in 60x120, 60x60, and 30x60, in Natural and Lapped finishes. To accompany the flooring, a 30x90 matte white combinable paste has been developed, from which you can choose between gold and silver or opt for a more ground-breaking option, like the Palm decoration, in which tropical palm trees appear and disappear. The DOTS R90 decoration in rose, pearl grey, and white colours adds a modern and ground-breaking touch to marble, focused on the “New Traditional” style.



Type of surfaces and formats

White body