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Arising from our passion for marble and its decorative possibilities comes the Passion collection. A Spanish marble, a variant of gris balear, but with a ground-breaking design that sets it apart in the market. The veins are the protagonists in this type of marble, and for this reason they are strengthened in this collection through the use of digital printing new technologies, providing this series with a distinctive gloss finish. The range of colours comes in four tones, Ice, Champagne, Grey and Taupe. They all come in four formats, 45 x 90, 60 x 60, 60 x 120 and 30 x 90. The 45 x 90, 60 x 60 and 60 x 120 formats are rectified and lapatto porcelain tiles with a shine on shine effect, helping to create surroundings that are full of light, elegant and with a designer touch. The 30 x 90 rectified white tiled format, suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation, brings us a number of interesting decoration options. An example of this is the decorative TWIN embossing, with which we can create zocoladas if we tile the piece vertically or create walls with a 3-D effect if we tile the piece horizontally.



Type of surfaces and formats

White body