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It is a sheet metal with metallic effects on the edges. It comes in a range of 6 colours--the classic white, oxide, and black, and three colours in vogue--pearl grey, aquamarine, and graphite. It is presented in three porcelain formats--60x120, 60x60, and 30x60, in a natural, lapped finish with a slight relief texture. We enhance the metallic effects in the natural finish with a gloss effect that we can apply with the digital inkjet machine and a special kind of ink. A very rich collection with a variety of designs, with 10 different graphics in 60x120, 12 different surfaces in 60x60, and 24 different surfaces in 30x60.  In addition, the 4 most intense colours use coloured clay. A product designed for the distribution channel, to be placed in the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living rooms, even as general flooring in the home. And the most daring colours, like aquamarine, grey, and pearl, are star products to place in the Contract channel; for example, restaurants, hotels, or shopping centres.



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