4 bathroom design trends for 2023

We pay more and more importance to design trends for bathrooms. This room has reinvented itself to become one of the most important rooms in the home.

Not to forget the demanding technical features required by bathrooms due to their moisture, bathroom tiles are making their way with geometric shapes, bold colors, and creative designs.

If you want to know the latest trends in bathroom design, we show you these 4 ideas for being trendy.



Goodbye to the ‘total white look’, hello to natural textures


Gone are the white bathrooms to give way to gray or beige shades, which offer greater warmth to the room. As is the case of floors and walls for bathrooms, which go from being white to develop in neutral colors with natural textures. For example, the cement finish ceramic for floors and walls results in a continuous and natural surface.

Natural finishes that combine with both natural style furniture and more modern options with metallic touches.


Creativity to the power with vegetable decorations


Wallpaper is a trend in interior decoration that sweeps all rooms but has many technical limitations. Therefore, tiles that mimic wallpaper are a good choice to bring creativity to the bathroom. The latest are plant motifs with vintage touches to create romantic, natural, or eclectic styles.


Matte black finish with contrasting colors


Another trend in bathroom decoration that is coming on strong is to incorporate the faucet and accessories in matte black finish. A very fashionable option that combines great with colored walls and floors creating contrasts that offer modernity to the bathrooms.

Round mirrors join this trend. A trendy option that enhances the design in all bathroom designs.


Variety of formats for floors and walls in marble finish.


Marble effect ceramic is a material that never goes out of fashion and exudes elegance wherever it is. Although sometimes it can create a more classic style than desired. For this reason, the latest trends in bathroom decoration are combining marble effect tiles for the bathroom in different formats and colors. The result is modern, unique, and elegant bathrooms.