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We are reorganizing our website, and at the same time, we are incorporating new sections, in accordance with the comments we have received from our collaborators and customers The possibility of consulting and making searches of the entire catalogue, including […]

Azteca collaboration with Cvida activities in helping care for people’s quality of life is such that we have made its objectives our own. The Quality-of-life Care Association, CVIDA, promoted by the IBV (Valencia Institute of Biomechanics) and supported by the […]

Two innovative installations systems which AZTECA recommends for small formats in the home and for commercial applications. AZTECA QUICK PLUS includes two installation systems, the QP01 and QP02, which solve a large number of the problems that arise in the […]

1962, the year Azteca was founded, marks the start of our company’s constant evolution towards ever higher, more complex objectives. We have left behind old ideas, technologies and processes which in their day were considered cutting edge. Our focus on […]

A seal of distinction accredits our sustainability and is testament to our social and environmental responsibility It is possible to build a more habitable world. At Azteca we have launched “Green Living by Azteca”, a new brand which certifies our […]

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