60x60cm Floor tiles

We have further expanded our catalogue with large format floor tiles

The large formats, a recent addition to our catalogue, were designed to create the effect of visual continuity and a sense of space.  In the first edition of our 2012 innovations, we presented 6 collections that included 60×60 floor tiles,4 stones, Minimal 60, Paris 60, Lyon 60 and Concreate 60, which are all complemented by different mosaic formats in the same tones as the basic pieces, and 2 marble lines Pulpis 60 and Xian 60, both of which have 1 piece decorations depending on the trend.

All of these series come with a Lux finish created especially for interior spaces. The intense gloss finish brings out the graphic design of the pieces to perfection. Also, the Minimal 60 series comes in two other finishes – Natural, which is also available for Concreate 60 and is typical of our ranges, and Dry, which meets regulatory guidelines for public areas and high-traffic zones.