AZTECA celebrates 3 years as a member of CVIDA, the Quality-of-life Care Association

Azteca collaboration with Cvida activities in helping care for people’s quality of life is such that we have made its objectives our own.

The Quality-of-life Care Association, CVIDA, promoted by the IBV (Valencia Institute of Biomechanics) and supported by the Generalitat Valenciana, includes companies and organisations from different business sectors, all of whom are sensitive to the need to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Its strategic focus and commitment to caring for our quality of life has become consolidated through the continuous improvement of its activities.  This is a dynamic process where the participation of members and institutional support provide a fundamental stimulus to the initiative.

AZTECA has been a member of CVIDA since 2009, when we joined after having carried out several innovative projects related to the quality of life, mainly in the home environment, together with the Valencian Institute of Biomechanics (IBV), which is the primary mover behind the association.

Visit for more information about CVIDA and its activities.