How to choose the best ceramic tile finish

Ceramic finishes can add a sense of luxury, naturalness, and elegance to any remodeling project. There is a variety of finish options available, each with its own unique features and benefits, so choosing the right one can be a tough task.

From matte finishes to glossy finishes, there are multiple ways to add the perfect finishing touch to any space. We tell you about all of Azteca’s ceramic finishes so you can choose the right one for your floors and walls.

Types of ceramic finishes


Polished or Glossy

Glossy finishes reflect light, and therefore produce a reflection on the surface that enhances the tile’s hues and details, providing the material with a shiny and attractive appearance. In addition, this polished finish has a higher resistance to fading and is easier to clean.


Semi-polished or LUX

The LUX finish presents a glossy and matte finish at the same time, which is achieved by polishing the micro-reliefs on the piece. This semi-gloss finish is an excellent option to achieve a resistant and easy to clean finish, but with a touch of elegance and subtlety.



The Silk finish creates a smooth, soft surface that feels smooth to the touch. Its all-matte appearance does not reflect light and often offers a subtle, understated yet modern look. Silk conveys a sense of balance and comfort.



Natural finish is one of the most popular finishes as it gives ceramic a natural appearance without any additional modification, preserving realism. This happens by keeping the grain of wood or marble, and also by preserving the industrial feel of cement or metal.


Anti-slip or DRY

Non-slip finishes add a low amount of friction to the material, making surfaces less likely to be slippery to walk on. For this reason, the Dry finish is popular for floors, stairs and walkways that are exposed to wet conditions or will have high traffic.



The innovative Scintillante finish features a differentiating touch. This finish has a soft touch, without reflecting the light as in the lappato, but giving an unconventional “sparkling” effect. Ideal for spaces with personality.


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