Trends must not condition our tastes, but rather, adapt to them.  Our personality must reign above all trends.  Our life styles must assimilate these currents and general fashions, adapting them to our unique personality, recovering what most interests us of each of them to develop our own creativity.

At Azteca we think that these proposals are and must be instruments to enhance our own personality.

In general and during this next season, at the chromatic level, greens and blues will predominate in the cold range; oranges and yellows among the warm colours.  The ideas to combine them are varied:

-Asphalt grey, neutral, as a base which combines with vivid colours, enhancing them.

-Parchment whites, ashes of varying darkness are mixed with deep greens and blues.

-Navy blues, olive greens, plum tones… joyful, spontaneous, unexpected combinations.

Grey, white and even beige tones are eternal.  The trend this year is to break its neutrality with striking touches, at times brief, with eye-catching  and vibrant, intense colours.

Some of the colours in fashion for spring-summer 2013, by order of preference in use:

1. Monaco Blue: Dark, cold and metallic, close to sapphire or Pacific blue.  It transmits tranquillity, confidence, stability and wisdom…A fantastic choice to generate relaxed and calm environments that contrast with our pace of life, generally accelerated.  It combines very well with neutral colours.

2. Dusk Blue: Translucent and luminous, it evokes the force of the seas and the oceans.  Refreshing, powerful, and at the same time, romantic.  Ideal for bathrooms.

3. Emerald: Nuances of pistachio-green, of fresh mint, of exuberant beaches…It combines perfectly with golden and ochre tones.

4. Grayed Jade: Whites are often used with bright finishes to avoid their absolute neutrality and monotony…starting here, the gloss of jade transmits a freshness and cleanliness that is matched by few tones, and is a perfect combination to complement modern and pleasant bathrooms.

5. Linen: Clean, perfect in its exclusivity.  A pale pink taken to the extreme that can combine perfectly with all tastes.

6. Poppy Red: Few colours are more striking; this bright, vibrant and explosive red transmits optimism and joy.  This is one of the tones that are making headway from the increasingly influential Asian cultures.

7. African Violet: Vivid, with childlike and lively touches.  As we announced previously, we can combine it with the environment with a decorative detail or a complement, if we do not want to risk putting it in a covering.

8. Tender Shoots: A tone to evoke emotions, dreams and liberty. A vibrant lime-like tone.

9. Lemon Zest: Yellow is the colour of the sun, energy, and by extension, of life itself.  It is a reflection of pure happiness.  A touch, a detail is enough (such as a flower, a cushion, etc.) for any space to vibrate and show joy.

10. Nectarine: It is a triumphant and vital tone. The embodiment of the sun’s colour in its most intense moments.  It provides joy, strength and personality in any surroundings.