LUX and DRY, new finishes from AZTECA to meet your customers’ every need

Azteca expands its offer with 2 new product types for interior and exterior, offering more, and better products and greater service.

The LUX and DRY surface finishes are becoming popular addition to the more natural finish that we typically see in the series that make up the AZTECA ranges.

The LUX finish is suitable for interiors and allows us to give maximum expression to the richness of ceramic design, with an intense gloss on the finished pieces.  You can find this finish in collections like JASPER 60, PULPIS 60, PARIS 60 and MINIMAL 60.

The DRY finish targets mainly exteriors and wet environments as it has anti-slip features.  You can find this finish in series such as GENIUS DRY 33, GLOBE DRY 45 and MINIMAL 60, among others.