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Ceramic novelties arrive at Azteca. This year, 2023, six collections will be launched aimed at completing the current range without neglecting today’s trends. We use nature as a source of inspiration to create products with high added value.

We are incorporating a new technology, called 3D Feel, which allows us to work on various collections. With this new technique, we manage to make the design and the relief of the piece match perfectly, making them appear even more realistic than before.

This technique also applies to the physical texture and can be linked to some of Azteca’s usual finishes, such as natural, soft lapped, or anti-slip.

We invite you to learn about each one of our new designs for 2024 in detail:





Travertine marble is a kind of limestone also known as “living stone.” In this case, it has been reinterpreted using the vein cut (Tivoli) and cross cut (Lacio) versions to achieve extreme realism in a rectified porcelain tile.

The “soft” finish of this collection, together with the innovative 3D Feel technique that we launched this year, makes it difficult to differentiate the natural stone from a ceramic piece.

  • Two natural and contemporary tones: ivory and arena (sand).
  • In the case of the vein-cut marble, Tivoli, we present the 60×120 and 30×60 formats, along with a linear relief in 60×120.
  • The Lacio version is presented in 60×120, 60×60 and 30×60 formats.

In addition, there is a spectacular floral decoration carried out in 60×120 for each of the colours, which can also be combined with the vein-cut marble.

To complete the collection, a non-slip finish has also been developed for outdoor use to lend continuity to indoor-outdoor spaces.




Stonecrete is the perfect fusion between cement and stone with a modern, industrial style that projects material veracity in its highest expression.




There are two different designs presented:

  • District, an industrial cement worked down to the smallest detail.
  • Street, a fusion of cement with terrazzo-type stones that subtly peek out here and there.

The option of combining and choosing between the two designs with varying textural intensities makes the collection adaptable to the needs of each client.

This collection aims to create a homogeneous and harmonious space by combining the pieces and lending a sense of continuity to the spaces.

  • 3 formats: 90×90, 60×120 and 60×60 of rectified porcelain tiles
  • 3 colours: Sand, White and Ash
  • With the non-slip finish option

A perfect choice for all types of projects.



The industrial style is back in fashion this year, which is why the Denver collection was developed.

The traditional corten design was developed with an innovative pearl finish and granted its three trendy shades in rectified porcelain: Pearl, Inox and Steel.

The gloss ink effect has been carried out together with a pearlescent finish, which, combined with a texture that is very pleasant to the touch, produces a very striking metallic effect.

The pearl colour is also presented in 30×90-format wall coverings.

  • Two decorative and contemporary options:
    • The Divine Decoration simulates a floral wallpaper with details that are enhanced with glossy frits.
    • Draw Decoration is more geometric, with patterns over different textured plates in glossy frits.
Denver Collection - Azteca Cerámica

Denver Collection – Azteca Cerámica



We use nature as a source of inspiration to create original marble designs that highlight the material’s natural beauty.

We include four different marble styles in this collection, each one of them with its original appearance.


Patagonia Marble

The first one is Patagonia marble, with all its expressive strength, crystals, and original tones. This marble is like a landscape, very decorative and with many possibilities for placement.

This marble has the lapped finish that is so characteristic of Azteca’s work, and it is available in 60×120 and 60×60 formats.


Forest Brown Marble

The next marble is Forest Brown, a material that highlights the veins, reminiscent in a way of roots fossilised in times long past. This marble has a tone ranging between grey and brown, it is very elegant, and has a 3D Feel effect that makes it appear even more natural.


Bombay Marble

The Bombay marble was carefully designed with a green background and white veins with some golden touches strewn throughout. It is available in formats of 60×120 and 60×60 in a glossy, lapped finish.


Invisible White Marble

Finally, completing the collection is the Invisible White marble in a natural finish. It is a pure marble, with a greyish veined background and golden touches. Its pronounced, unique veining perfectly represents the details of the natural stone.

This marble style is completed with a 60×120 decoration in which stripes of Forest Brown marble are combined with a glossy frit design that leaves a very elegant impression.




Fremont is a different kind of collection, a casual yet ground-breaking design. In this case, it is worked with the latest generation technology to give off metallic effects that, depending on the light, can go from bronze to reddish and silver tones.

  • Two colours: the much more neutral and integrated white, and the black, which emphasises all the strength of the metallic material.
  • The formats chosen for this style are 52x60NR, 60×60 and 30×60 rectified porcelain.


Fremont Collection - Azteca Ceramica

Fremont Collection – Azteca Ceramica




Fame is an elegant collection with a simple yet meticulous design that generates a luxurious, daring look.

The black colour highlights the striking metallic grain used for the drawings, and it is also accompanied by a sparkling effect which, together with the lapped finish, creates a differentiating and dazzling piece.

On the other hand, the white colour is more uniform, with shining sparkles that lend a sense of glamour to any space.

  • 3 formats: 60×120, 60×60 and 30×60 60×120, 60×60 and 30×60 formats in rectified porcelain.

With the Fame collection, Azteca’s metallic line is rejuvenated, reaching its highest technical capacity.


Fame Collection - Azteca Ceramica

Fame Collection – Azteca Ceramica