Our ISO 14001 is renewed and we continue to place great importance in the environment

We are continually launching initiatives to ensure that we become more and more environmentally aware. We will even be pushing our holidays forward to July, to help improve the environment.

We have renewed our environmental management system, in keeping with the UNE EN ISO 14001 standard granted by AENOR, which confirms Azteca’s environmental policies and the high priority that environmental sustainability has in the company’s decision making processes. Azteca has had this environmental management system in place since 2004. It ensures that our production processes comply with all applicable environmental regulations, and explicitly states our environments policies.

One of the most recent measures that we have put into place has been to bring the production plant’s holiday period forward to July in order to save energy and comply with environmental policies.

As a part of our environmental policy, we are committed to making changes that focus on reducing our consumption of environmental resources.  For example, we recently redesigned our corporate logo and design elements so that they would require less ink, and their production would be cleaner.  We also changed our traditional lighting systems to photovoltaic cells, to reduce our electricity consumption to an absolute minimum. Another step was to place waste collection bins throughout our facilities, making it easier to separate and recycle.  All of these measures coincide with the Quality Control department providing training to other company departments in environmental issues.

In recognition of all of these activities, we will shortly be receiving the official Integrated Environmental Authorisation (IEA) documents which we were awarded two years ago.  The IEA is a certification which guarantees that that company has an integrated management system covering all environmental aspects (emissions, waste treatment, environmental risks, etc.).