Soul 60, the new glass collection from Azteca

The Company is launching a new product which unites the colour, the gloss and the strength of glass in formats that can be combined with the entire range of products.

Azteca is proud to launch its Soul60 collection onto the market. An original product which includes 35 new glass references in a 20×60 cm format as well as strips of 2.3×60 cm and 3.5×90 cm.

The Soul 60 collection provides an infinity of combinations with its extensive range of pure, luminous colours finished in glass.

Inspired, as its name indicated, in the many interpretations given to the concept of the soul in just as many cultures, religions or philosophies, the Soul 60 collection offers crystalline beauty full of colour, shine, intensity and strength.

Pure bright blood reds, intense grassy greens, brilliant sunshine yellows and blues as deep as the sky, the 35 colours on the Soul 60 series represent the intensity and harmony of nature like no other product, as well as reflecting the strength and beauty of the human soul.

Try decorating interiors with a mix of shades in the same colour, or take the plunge with edgy combinations – you decide.

And soon you will be able to discover the new Soul series inserts in 20×60 pieces to decorate and complement our series.