Azteca, a benchmark in digitalization in the ceramic industry

In this tough 2020, marked by a global pandemic, we at Azteca have taken a step forward in the digitalization in the ceramic industry.

Thanks to digital tools and innovations, we have been able to take the leap and forget about distances, carrying out the same relations with our customers through innovation and digitalization.

What digital tools have we implemented in Azteca in 2020?

Azteca Experience

Azteca Experience is the most innovative digital tool that we have launched on the market in this 2020. It is a tool in which you can travel inside different houses located in different parts of the world through virtual tours.

Thanks to Azteca Experience it is possible to hold conventions or virtual meetings to show products or news to customers, without the need to travel. Furthermore, users can also use this tool to discover the latest trends in ceramics, floor tiles, wall tiles and high-performance porcelain stoneware by Azteca in an exceptional way.

Interactive Catalog

Another of our commitments to get closer to our customers and provide them with all the information they need immediately has been the creation of an interactive catalog.

This is a new way to discover ceramic products and have all the information with just one click. This tool allows us to:

  • Access Azteca’s social networks.
  • Access the web where all the product information is extended.
  • View videos of the collections.
  • Access image galleries of each series to enjoy the formats and finishes in different environments.
  • Mark our favorite images/settings/collections and see them all together in a personal section of the menu called ‘My selection’.
  • Send by mail with a single click the collections or settings that have been previously marked.

Interactive Corporate Video

We also wanted to get closer to our customers with our new interactive/corporate video. In this tool, through a series of videos, customers can learn all the information about the company, as well as our services, so that their Aztec experience is the best possible.

From our new interactive corporate video you can also access directly to the catalog and contact us with just one click.

Videos by Collections

Also, to bring our new collections closer to users we have created a video of each series. In this way, customers can see the ceramic material in all its versions and in its different settings. This is a new way to discover the sensations that each collection transmits and to show in which we have been inspired to create it.

Azteca Cerámica, digitalization brings us closer to you!