Azteca celebrates Its 50th anniversary. “1962-2012 Moving forward”. Tomorrow starts today

1962, the year Azteca was founded, marks the start of our company’s constant evolution towards ever higher, more complex objectives. We have left behind old ideas, technologies and processes which in their day were considered cutting edge. Our focus on progress and innovation has brought us so much further…

Today, January 22,  we celebrate our 50th anniversary, an event which fills us with pride as a company and a brand, and which we would like to share with all of our customers and collaborators, to whom we are enormously indebted for the trust they place in us every single day.

The team of professionals here at Azteca has developed over the years, but has always upheld the same company spirit, which has meant that we have been able to grow and meet ambitious objectives together with our customers. Today, as always, our main aim is to keep moving forward, accumulating experience but always looking ahead. As our motto says “1962-2012 Moving forward”. Tomorrow starts today.

Thank you all.