AZTECA, leading environmental protections with the BIOGASAC project

Financed by the CDTI, BIOGASAC is a project aimed at developing new technologies to purify the gases emitted by kilns.

Through its participation in a consortium with the companies BIONATUR BIOTECHNOLOGIES, S.L, and INTEGRA SYNERGY SYSTEMS, S.L, AZTECA is playing an important role in the innovative project called “FIXED BED FOR PURIFICATION OF GASEOUS CONTAMINANTS IN HIGH TEMPERATURE PROCESSES”, colloquially referred to as BIOGASAC.

The objective is to create a new system to purify the gases emitted by ceramics kilns, and, specifically, to eliminate composites deriving from fluoride.

Participants include BIONATUR, a company which holds the business patent, INTEGRA,  which is in engineering company expert in ceramic industry machinery, and AZTECA. We provide the kilns and ceramics processes where the results from lab testing will have a practical effect.

This project is financed by the CDTI and the Technological Fund, through the European Fund for Regional Development (FEDER).