Azteca revolutionises the use of ceramics

Tables, furniture, murals… At Azteca Cerámica, thanks to the concept of the ceramic mural, we have managed to adapt ceramic design to suit all kinds of surfaces and structures.

One consequence of these new times we are living in, is a need to look for different ways of thinking, different ways of doing things, whereby the products we create are not just products, but objects which integrate an emotional component that can transmit sensations and change simple use into a real experience.

From this search came the idea of applying ceramic tiles to different, everyday elements and this in turn has brought forth the creation of unique spaces and objects which are completely personalised. A good example of this is the cube table, conceived by the renowned designer Sébastien Lefèvre and made a reality by Azteca.

Going beyond the practical benefits, the company offers the chance to fully personalise every image that will decorate the conceptual pieces, meaning that there are simply no limits when it comes to developing the ideas put forth by creative minds.