Azteca mosaics and their infinite combinations

Styles, colours, formats…logical or impossible miscellaneous combinations according to tastes, but always splendid and rich in originality

Azteca offers a wide range of mosaics in different formats, supports and mixture of materials.  Its capacity to adapt to any form allows us to create spaces without setting limits to our imagination.  Floors, walls, roofs…we can use it on practically any surface.

With this type of product, we can decorate the main rooms of the home with elegance (dining rooms, halls, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) or simply use it to delimit zones.  We can also combine it with other materials or other ceramic collections, creating amazing and undoubtedly dazzling compositions, lending a different air to the renovation of any home.

The brand’s mosaics have mixtures of materials as different as marble, stone, glass, ceramic, and metal, at times, where their use provides the counterpoint to any space decorated with them.


Or, on the contrary, they can be made in the same material and present the same colour range as the rest of the environment they decorate, always keeping the most minimalistic tastes in mind.


Dare to re-invent a true classic, putting together the mixtures and compositions that are most identifiable with your style and enjoy the pleasure of owning something really unique.