Azteca updates its website to respond to the needs of all its users

We are reorganizing our website, and at the same time, we are incorporating new sections, in accordance with the comments we have received from our collaborators and customers

The possibility of consulting and making searches of the entire catalogue, including the latest novelties of the brand, already visible online, with all the information available for downloading in  high-quality format.

to access a wide selection of downloads classified by categories,

or to receive information that is oriented and specialized for certain profiles, are some of the novelties offered by the company’s new website.

True to our aim of promoting maximum communication between the company and all our collaborators, at Azteca we have created three specific information channels in the home: Architect and Designer, oriented to the sectors of architecture and interior design; Retailer, focused on distribution professionals and finally, the Consumer channel which is devoted to the end consumer, with advice and practical ideas about product and application for areas such as the home or business premises.

We are committed to direct communication with the users, as they, “only a couple of clicks away”, dispose of all the information of the general company catalogue, interesting downloads, permanently updated information and a novel press section comprised of an agenda of benchmark events, a section of clippings and press kit with the option of downloading and another tab with summary in clippings of our impact in the media.

A wide variety of content which we hope will be of interest and use to you.  At Azteca, we will continue working to add new features and tools that add value to our online portal.