Azteca presents the results of its research in the multidisciplinary project 4Senses to the Ministry of Science and Innovation

Innovation is the pathway to the future for our industry. That is why the Ministry of Science and Innovation supports a National Plan of R+D+I which includes the Program of Unique and Strategic Projects that provided the framework for the 4Senses project. The research has been completed and the results were on show at the last edition of Cevisama. Azteca took part in this project along with other technological centres, university researchers, business associations and companies.

The results of our work have responded to the main aim of 4Senses: to develop technological ceramic products and services, whose point of reference is an analysis of people’s interaction with their surroundings in terms of the sensory stimuli they perceive. After three years of research, we have created the AZTECA-LAB, a proposal that the Ministry is not only well aware of, but recently gave its support to on a visit to our facilities.

This intelligent tool, which allows us to show different decorative atmospheres and product combinations, has already been installed in our showroom and we are now starting to evaluate how to apply this innovation at our clients’ points of sale. It will, without a doubt, offer a new way to feel and experience ceramics.