Azteca creates personalised ceramics for the new l’Alcora Council building

At Azteca, we wanted to collaborate with the Local Council in the city of l’Alcora, Castellón, where we have had our headquarters for over 45 years.


For the new town hall facilities, Azteca Imagine created an exclusive design in collaboration with the architects, interiors decorators and designers who took part in the project. The end results are two 17 metre high tile murals which, under the motto “Passat, present i futur” (Past, present and future), show symbolic images of L’Alcora referenced from photos belonging to the council itself, as well as photos from the locals.

The project is an example of how Azteca is capable of adjusting its processes to meet the specific demands of each and every one of our jobs, creating exclusive designs on any type of ceramic tile, with every sort of relief and finish. It has also been an especially important project for us, as it has given us the chance to promote new uses for ceramics through tile personalisation. It has also allowed us to be a part of one of the most outstanding public buildings in the township, beautifying it in this long-lasting way for the pleasure of our neighbours who have watched our tile company grow and develop from its very inception.