Azteca recycles its transport packaging

Azteca is sustainability and commitment to protecting the environment.  This is a philosophy that is globally applied to every part of the company.

We have now designed a strategy which focuses on optimizing our packaging, an effort which has been made in collaboration with the public integrated management organisation Ecoembes, who have included the project in their catalogue of good practices. The aim of this project is to minimise waste by promoting reuse.

The concept that Azteca has begun to apply is really very simple, and just one more example of what we can all do towards conserving the environment.  In our particular case, our ceramic products are sold on square pallets of approximately 100x100cm.  When one of the slats on a pallet breaks, it is cut to a size that can be used in manufacturing 50×100 pallets, which are then used for picking lists.


A small gesture that not only avoids taking new material from nature, but also provides savings in the purchase of new pallets.