Azteca updates the classics and stretches the boundaries of decoration

Our experts have distilled the very essence of old-world decorative styles and reinterpreted them to bring you a completely new look. Larger models with classic floral and square patterns seen through a different lens; more joyful and dynamic, but always with an elegant and balanced finish.
Two examples of this creativity are the new Chic R75 and Nova R75 models. They recapture elements of the past, such as moulds and runners from the Renaissance, Baroque or Neoclassic periods, giving them a modern twist and a lifelong vocation. Both models are made from white paste in the 31×75 format, and are suitable for bathrooms, halls, vestibules, living areas… The secret is combining the different pieces included in the lines. Chic R75 in mauves and Nova R75 in chocolate, graphite and beige with damask-style decorative pieces, open the door to a new avant-garde design concept which holds the essence of the best of eras past.