Azteca strengthens customer relations with its “Thinking Solutions” service

While analysing our strengths in an effort to continue growing and improving, we realised that what sets Azteca apart from other companies in the sector is that we work hard to be more than just a tiling company.  Our team offers services which go that extra mile and which allow us, for example, to personalise the design of our products to meet very specific needs, or to serve orders for different markets in a short period of time thanks to our intelligent warehousing system.

At Azteca we have always worked in such a way that all our departments (administration, commercial, design, innovation, logistics…) have the client as their point of reference.  That is why apart from products, we offer solutions.  And it is this philosophy that has brought the “The thinking solutions company” motto that we presented at the edition of Cevisama 2011 into play, adding a whole series of high added-value services to our product catalogue.

But these are not services that we have plucked out of thin air to give shape to this philosophy.  Quite to the contrary, these are services that we have already offered many of our clients and which we would like everybody to know about. This is a wide range of proposals that we have been developing, and which were born from the labours of our very own people, the most innovative resource that we have at this company.

With “The thinking solutions company” we want to renew our customer service, informing clients of all the different solutions to their needs that they will find at Azteca. And, to tell people about it, what better than to make the stars of the advertising campaign the very same people who have created the services and put them into practice every day, our very own colleagues.