How to choose the best wall tile decor

Wall tile decors are an excellent option for those who are looking for style and personality on their walls.

At Azteca, using the latest technologies and the latest digital effects with grits and gloss ink, we offer a wide range of wall tile decors adapted to any style. We show you the most popular ones:


A wall tile decor for every space


If we want to create a natural and fresh space, the Bloom model from the Bali series has a floral design that also brings sophistication to the rooms. In the same style, we find the Beauté decor, a simple composition of plant motifs from the new Bellver collection that conveys delicacy and continuity.

Naturalness is also achieved with the Stripe decor. From the Sense collection, it is composed of a versatile series of lines in classic colors that create a kind of herringbone. As if we were in an elegant field.



On the other hand, if we are looking for an elegant but exotic design, we recommend the Palm wall tile decor. Available in the Bali and Macchia Vecchia collections, it consists of tropical palm trees that appear and disappear, conveying relaxation and well-being. And we cannot forget the Karol model, from the Kai series, which offers a similar effect with vegetables, but more versatile and casual.



In search of something retro and vintage, there is the Cozy wall tile decor, from the Cement collection, which mixes different textures and colors using the latest ceramic technology. Another option with a more romantic touch can be found in the Sendai decor, from the Kai collection. An elegant and colorful imitation of wallpaper with floral motifs.



And if we are looking for something more modern, we highlight the Candy model from the Cement collection. It is a geometric and colorful option. Ideal for modern rooms! In this subtle style, we also find the Plane decor from the Bellver series, as its elegant and timeless composition is based on horizontal geometric lines.

And in tune with the previous ones, we highlight the Kross and Kronos models from the Kai series, with geometric mosaics and metallic effects. Two options full of elegance and dynamism.



Finally, the Vulcano collection, inspired by the movements of incandescent lava, is a decor in itself. The most striking feature is its glossy-matte and double gloss contrast, achieved thanks to digital effects with Azteca’s trademark grit and gloss ink.