Glossy and matte, the facets of metal in the new Azteca creations

In a market –a reflection of  life itself- where innovation and the avant-garde happen so quickly that many are but ephemeral shooting stars; it is necessary to stop, take a  breath and really discern which new trends are going to set a style.  This is the case with metal effect ceramic: luxury, sobriety, elegance… and distinction.

In the constant search to incorporate new values to the ceramic product, metal finishes are taking on great importance in recent times. Decorative tiles with ceramic effects allow us to play with glosses and mattes, with light and shadow, always with elegant and absolutely contemporary reflections.

The traditional concept by which walls were the visible expression of the continent and which must by necessity be decorated, has evolved to the point in which walls and floors are the main elements when marking the personality of any architectural development. They have gone from being elements “to be adorned””, to being basic pillars of the style of our constructions, even conditioning the rest of the other decorative elements “that will come later”, such as the lines or the colour of the furniture, the light points, etc.

Due to their measurements and possibilities, walls and ceilings are surfaces that will condition, as no other surface will, the final result both of each area and the overall space…a good choice will result in an excellent final finish.

The new metal trends, and more specifically, the new products that we propose in this line at Azteca, offer results with great visual impact,  which are very modern but also with sobriety, force and elegance, which accompany a style which has, without a doubt, come to stay…

We can, on the other hand, generate “metal” details or spaces, which combine and subtly integrate, but at the same time highlighted, in more neutral environments, thus providing an image that is at the same time modern and elegant,  as well as calm and quiet.

The possibilities are infinite, always rich and, visually, impressive.

We abandon all vestiges of conventionalism… and bid boredom farewell.