AZTECA AND THE NEW TRENDS: Materials and finishes for all tastes

Azteca bursts forth in new decorating trends, proposing the combination of new materials and finishes, elegantly, and above all, in a balanced manner, the aim being that every architectural space will reflect, like no other, the personality carved by its creator.

At Azteca we have a wide offer of finishes and materials to cover floors and walls to transmit all the force and personality we speak of, and with which to form the perception of the spaces we mention above.

Combining materials of different nature, characteristics such as the resistance of the material or the reflection of light or specific decorative finishes, today, we can divide spaces -without dividing them-, create differentiated zones –without alienating them-, break, or generate sensations of, continuity as it suits us, or even create visual effects that offer us real physical consequences… as spaces or reserved within wide open spaces.

Appropriately combining materials makes it possible for houses to become homes and business premises become work spaces, because they offer, with rigor, the personality and the essence of their creators. Azteca suggests playing with and combining ceramic, with  its infinite variety of finishes; natural Stone and its intrinsic beauty; and glass, with its unequalled colour range… mixing, combining, playing… the possibilities are infinite, in many cases revolutionary, and in others not… there are as many possibilities as personalities, dreams, desires or tastes…

Combining materials and textures allows us to break the monotony of continuous spaces. The new trends in interior design offer unusual colour schemes and bold product combinations, applicable both to public and private spaces.

Azteca Cerámica places its new 2013 General Catalogue, at the service of professionals, with new products, but also with new ideas… and for all tastes and styles, offering modern or classic solutions –always elegant- for all the architectural challenges where innovation is practically an obligation, beyond desire, for professionals of Architecture.