Officially approved sporting licences for ceramic tiles is Azteca’s investment in the future

Officially approved sporting licences will once again feature prominently at Azteca’s stand this year at Cevisama. What is more, the company is planning to widen its range to sectors other than football.

Football in ceramic format will feature strongly at Azteca’s stand this year at Cevisama. (Level 2, Pavillion2, Stand B28). It is the company’s initiative to continue in the line of approved sporting licences but focusing on new frontiers related to approved licences but not necessarily related to sport. This is something which Azteca is already preparing.

Together with these eye-catching collections, which have been keenly accepted in markets of interest to the company, such as the Near East and south East Asia, the L’Alcora tile makers will bring to the Valencia Fair new ideas which they have created after attentively listening to their clients.

Large formats, high-gloss marble, surprising, exclusive decorative reliefs, the introduction of glass as a ceramic complement, as well as the presentation of new, natural stones, are just some of the innovations which Azteca will have on display at Cevisama 2013.

“We have a wide range on offer which will enable us to create different moods in varying settings, from the traditional classic finish to more daring and modern solutions, each with a common element: distinction and innovation” stated Vicente Nomdedeu, Azteca’s manager.

Azteca’s large format series measures up to 60 x 60 and its most successful collection has been extended to include new marble collections with a gloss or semi-polished finish, such as MARMI 60 and FIRENZE 60. The collection also includes a stone finish as illustrated in the lines of SINCRO 60 and CONCREATE 60, in natural matte and lux, as well as a new addition of oxides in two colour ranges, with the series COSMOS 60.

The VENICE R90 series incorporates more marble in 30 x 90 cm format, whereby the texture of emperador marble is combined with ivory cream, offering a wide decorative range to create the desired atmosphere in various styles.

As regards pieces for relief of a strictly decorative nature, Azteca has a lot to say. In this respect, the successful and exclusive BUBBLES series is accompanied by the new decorative relief GRILL series and the patterns of some of the most commercial series in our catalogue, such as TROPIC R75, SEASONS R60, ELEMENTS R60 or NEO R60 have been updated.

Azteca’s glass series SOUL, within the complementary decorative pieces, will continue to feature at Cevisama 2013, given its enormous acceptance in previous events and its great versatility thanks to its variety of colours and the combination of the diverse series within the brand.

In this line of new launches, a new, non rectified format of 30 x 60 will also be presented, where it will be possible to see decorative series such as TALISMAN 3060 or PLATINUM 3060 with a white or black gloss finish and a brand new inox finish. In this respect and with the same finish in format and colour, the NEXUS 3060 series will also be presented, with a surprising textile texture.

Decorative mosaics constitute an important product for Azteca in its new collection. The OLYMPIA series enables the combination of marble and glass in two tones, black and brown, which complement the decoration and combination of the diverse series of the ranges on offer.

Another example to highlight is the wider range of natural stone, a product which is being readily accepted in the market and which incorporates new tones within the BRICK SOFT 40 series in oxide, black and quartzite QUARTZ in 30 x 60 format.

Azteca, who celebrated their 50th anniversary last year, has firmly positioned itself in the national market, as well as reaching into dozens of countries, the most important of which are: France, Russia, the UK, Benelux, Poland and the United States. Moreover, the company has managed to introduce itself, in no small way, into emerging markets such as the Near East, India and south east Asia, where it is focusing its efforts to broaden its operational range.