Reality Remod, the tool with which you will see how the floors and walls of your house will look like

Do you have a project underway? Don’t know which finish to select for floors and walls? Do you want to know how our tiles would look in your home? With our Reality Remod tool you can see what the result will be with the different ceramic collections.

It is an innovative setting simulator with which you can visualize any product from our catalog in the room you want from any device, and without downloading or installation.

In the Reality Remod tool there are super-realistic settings that can be used as an example, or you can even upload yourself the photo of the room you want to dress. You can know before choosing the floors and walls what the result will be.

In addition, you can try as many designs as you want. The product library available in Reality Remod has been created in detail to ensure the maximum possible realism in the projects.


More utilities of Azteca’s setting simulator: Reality Remod


The level of detail of the Reality Remod tool is such that you can even see the result by selecting the different formats, thicknesses, joint colors, and installation methods. All the possibilities at your fingertips.

It is even possible to evaluate the surface finish of the products by activating a dynamic interactive light that, moving within the setting, provides greater realism.

And if you have any doubts, the tool allows you to visualize the same scene superimposed with ceramics from different collections.



Share your design how and with whom you want


Reality Remod allows you to share the image of the project through a link that can be sent to any user or through the most used social media.

And if you need more information, Reality Remod allows you to request it without leaving the tool. Once the project is finished, it is possible to send us a contact request for more information. We will be happy to help you!