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Spring is finally here, the season in which we leave behind the cold winter and the streets are filled with flowers, colours, and sunshine. And of course, the sun and the longer days fill us with energy and we want […]


After a few weeks of the Cersaie 2017 fair, and once the relevant inventory has been made of what this fair has meant for Azteca, we cannot help but be proud of work well-done and of the good acceptance that […]

TYPES OF TRENDS IN MODERN DECORATION      5. DRAMATIC MODERN Contrast taken to an extreme can result in ultramodern spaces that go beyond the imagination of the most conventional persons.  A theatrical style: combining old designs with new styles, seeking […]

Azteca bursts forth in new decorating trends, proposing the combination of new materials and finishes, elegantly, and above all, in a balanced manner, the aim being that every architectural space will reflect, like no other, the personality carved by its […]

Azteca is evolving with its ceramic products and contributing to the changing concept of bathrooms and kitchens. Our idea of what a kitchen should be has changed over time. In the old days, the kitchen was the heart of the […]

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