Tonal trends: colour becomes the leading light

The AZTECA Marketing department is pleased to introduce a new section into our Newsletters, providing information about our studies and analyses regarding new trends in the habitat sector.
We kick off this new informative challenge by highlighting the important role that colour plays in our lives, in our surroundings, in our home environments and in the development of new products. The trends of the moments are:

The undisputed triumph of the range of colours from the very softest shades of pink through to aubergine purple by way of shimmering mauve and the hottest fuchsia. The feminine palette par excellence.
 Also of special note; a soft, glamorous red, which falls right between strawberry and cherry.

 A complete contrast is the trend towards neutral, soft, “nude” colours. Basic, harmonious and easy to combine.

And finally, the eternal favourite. A combination of blacks, whites and reds with metallic highlights. A sure-fire winner every time.

These are the hottest tonal trends of the moment and they will be defining decorative styles on every level in the months to come.
It is personal taste and creativity in the selection of colour combinations that will make each space unique and give each home its own personality.