Once again, we have obtained certification for our commitment to the environment in our production process

In November 2010, we obtained certified Integrated Environmental Authorisation for our compliance with the requirements for production processes. It was Azteca’s final step in the certification process for this authorisation, which began when it was first approved in 2007.

Azteca has had an environmental management plan based on the UNE EN ISO 14001 regulation since 2005, and our commitment to protecting and respecting the environment has been accredited by all the relevant social organisations.  This system formed the foundation for implanting pollution control and prevention as required for the Integrated Environmental Authorisation, and effects environmental areas such as noise pollution, emissions and water.

The work that the company has done in recent years was recognised last November 2010, by an Organisation which collaborates with the Government in the area of Environmental Quality. After rigorous environmental checks of the production processes at our facilities, we received approval and obtained the definitive Integrated Environmental Authorisation.

This is in keeping with our firm belief that we should care for our surroundings, adapting to and becoming involved in the management of all environmental issues, and by improving our improved environmental practices, contributing to the development of our manufacturing process.