Xian series, the essence of glamour and elegance

The Xian 60 and Xian R90 series are inspired in the golden era of palaces, providing distinction and brilliance, characteristics of the prevailing fashion of the 17th and 18th centuries.  We will now show you some guidelines for renovating living rooms, bathrooms and even bedrooms with this style.

Neo-baroque obtains a carefully elaborated appearance which breaks the purity dominating environments.  Pavements Xian Lux 60 inhigh-gloss rectified porcelain in 60x60cm large format opt for the sinuosity of curves and reflections, as well as the intense and contrasting combinations of colours that blend perfectly with geometric decoration.

The Dark tone of the collection, together with the decorations and Bikin decorative borders, achieve the elegance obtained by ceramic finishes in black combined with silver.  In this style, elements harmonize with a vintage flavour, creating luxurious and unique atmospheres.  Using the most elaborate ceramic pieces, sober spaces are transformed into glamorous places, elegant in excess and exclusive in essence.

Decorative borders and medallions for walls filled with exuberance and sumptuousness.  The ambience takes on a distinctive appearance, lending a stately air to spaces such as the entrance hall, the dining room or bedrooms.  Moreover, the unique qualities of ceramic, such as its quality, hardness and strength, ensure that these spaces, in addition to being beautiful, will be unchanged by the passage of time, like the style itself.

The Xian R90 cladding, created in rectified white paste, in large 30x90cm format and glossy finish, also decorated with Asian floral ornaments, achieving that touch of perfection that you are seeking.  This combination helps to create atmospheres full of elegance, in which the purest lines fuse with the sensuality of flowers.  The majesty of the spaces is achieved by using the largest tiles on continuous surfaces, with almost imperceptible joints.

There are no excuses for not creating your own palace at home.