A catalogue for you to develop your creativity

Responding to the tastes, interests, preferences and lifestyles of modern consumers is the challenge we have set for ourselves at Azteca for 2014.  With a General Catalogue where social interaction and trends are a fundamental part of the creative brief.  

Since the dawn of time, human beings have shown interest in decorating the interior of their dwellings.  The choice and arrangement of the furniture, the decorative objects, the colours and the fabrics…reflect the personality of the occupants of a house and identify society at any given time.

This is why we feel committed to our customers and offer them an almost inexhaustible source of aesthetic proposals, trends, environments, and decorations.  In order to do this, we have reorganized the “classic structure” of our catalogue in an easy and ingenious way by “decorating trends”.

Along this line, in the 2014 catalogue we organize the products according to the most suitable final environments for their application and as we said, facilitating the mental process of the final customer.

This involves plunging into the world of interior design and decoration, offering the user decorative solutions, environments, concepts…with which   the user feels so identified, that he/she wants to transfer them to his/her home.

We have devised a very simple system of presentation which we will try to explain in just a few lines; the pictures will speak for themselves.  The catalogue is divided into 5 large, clearly identified blocks, showing each of the trendiest decorative styles in current interior design.

Natural Elements includes all the “natural” materials: woods, terracotta, textiles and natural stone…a breath of fresh air and life for our home.  Always supported by natural plants, textures and colours, never better said, in the most natural way possible.

2 In the section Industrial and Minimal, we will find all the cements and soft stones. This style comes from the basic concept of utilization of space and of the merging of environments.  The idea is to imbue character in simple surroundings based on a few decorative elements that reflect the personality of their owners.

3 New traditional encompasses all the collections of great marbles and very marked stones.  Dedicated to the most classical, without shunning modernity, we combine modern and classical furniture, quality decorative elements with others that are more economical… variety and contrast are “the spice of life”.

4 The section Full Colors encompasses all the single-colour series and their applications in the home.  Because the elegance of our home should not be at odds with cheerfulness or fun.  Create spaces that invite you to wake up every morning full of energy and ready to take on the world.

5 Metallic and Decorative, to show all our proposals with special, metallised, rust finishes and decorative pieces.  The spaces are artistic, the environments sophisticated.. Matte/gloss contrasts, combinations of old designs with new styles and contrasts between textures and materials predominate.

For greater ease of use, we have introduced a new method of searching: a sublevel of tab classification, where at a glance we will instantly locate any series as they are all visible in each of the separatas.

With this system of dual division, we want to also offer a more conventional system within the professional sector.  It has not been easy, but we believe we have achieved it.

We are confident that our 2014 catalogue will be a tool for everyone who sets their mind to developing their creativity.