Are you renovating your bathroom? Check out the bathroom ceramics that will captivate you

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom next year, this article on bathroom ceramics will interest you. Colors, finishes, materials… Discover what’s hot!

The naturalness of ceramic stone and wood finishes

Bathrooms are a place to unwind and relax. It is not surprising, therefore, that the trend in interior design to incorporate neutral colors with elements inspired by nature will endure over time.

Let’s not forget that the bathroom is a wet room, so not all materials will work. To this respect, wood and stone imitation ceramic is ideal, since it has the necessary technical features for maintenance in the bathroom and reflects the naturalness sought in the design.

The exclusivity of marble

Marble is that timeless material with which we always get it right. A timeless trend that brings unparalleled elegance to the bathroom, creating an exclusive atmosphere with plenty of personality.

Marble effect ceramic is perfect for both floor and wall coverings. In addition, the many ceramic marble collections offer different shades, kaleidoscopic effects, and veiled transparencies, so on trend this year, so that we can select the one that best suits our style.

Full color bathroom ceramics

We know, white bathrooms will never go out of style, but if you ask us about the latest trends, color in bathrooms has climbed the ranks.

Floors and walls in unexpected colors such as grays, blacks or terracottas are becoming increasingly popular. Surprising colors that bring a lot of personality to the bathroom.

Large format and visual effects

Large format floor and wall coverings are still a trend in interior design.

Large format bathroom ceramic makes the space appear larger, achieving continuous surfaces, with hardly any joints. A very desirable amplitude effect in a room like the bathroom that is gaining more and more notoriety in homes.

Combining the large format with wall decorations will create visual effects that will make you fall in love. In this case, we choose metallic details for an industrial touch so trendy this year.

Design and practicality in just one material

We know the trends, but… why choose ceramic instead of another material? The anti-slip properties of bathroom ceramics make it the perfect choice for floors and walls, even for shower trays or bathtub covering. An essential feature that other materials such as wood or vinyl cannot provide.

And that’s not all, due to the moisture in the bathroom it is easy for bacteria to proliferate. For this reason, ceramic is once again a step further in its suitability for this space, being an antibacterial and easy to clean material.