Floor in ceramic stoneware imitation wood

Imitation wood ceramic stoneware for floor covering is a trend . Our customers opt for this type of wood-effect ceramic stoneware to cover their floors due to its many advantages over wood coatings.

Imitation wood ceramic achieves the warmth and comfort provided by wood but with greater resistance and durability.


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The great sales success of imitation wood ceramic floors is due to the fact that it manages to provide the same sensations that wood floors produce, but without suffering their drawbacks.

Advantages of imitation wood ceramic flooring

Covering our imitation wood platelet floors provides numerous advantages over wood cladding:


Imitation wood ceramic tiles are the most unalterable over time. The durability of wood is noticeably reduced if it is not cared for properly.

Invulnerability against external environmental agents

  • Humidity : it is the external agent that most damages wood. Wood effect ceramic stoneware floors are invulnerable to humidity as they have a water absorption coefficient of less than 0.5%.
  • Fire : the imitation wood ceramic stoneware flooring is fire retardant (rejects combustion and protects against fire). Wood is vulnerable to fire.
  • Rain : imitation wood ceramic floors are the most suitable since they are waterproof . Wood is not suitable for the exterior as it needs to be treated from time to time with varnishes, paints and seals in order to prevent deterioration caused by rain.
  • Sun : Wood loses its color when exposed to the sun’s rays. Imitation wood ceramic tiles are much more resistant and do not lose their color due to damage caused by sunlight.
  • Temperature : imitation wood ceramic floors have a minimum level of porosity, which provides their resistance to abrasions caused by high temperatures or frost and also to sudden changes in temperature that can damage their integrity. Temperature and its variation can affect the architecture of wood by reducing or expanding its size and dimension.
  • Fungi and insects : The imitation wood ceramic stoneware floor is immune to attacks by fungi and insects. Xylophagous insects, such as woodworms or termites, cause serious damage to wood since they feed on it and are difficult to combat.


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Regarding the resistance of the wooden floor, the imitation wood ceramic tiles are more resistant to bumps, breakage and damage that may accidentally occur. It is also much easier to repair the floor by replacing the affected tiles.



The advantages of imitation wood ceramic flooring compared to wooden floors in terms of maintenance, are obtained thanks to its minimum volume of porosity :

  • The imitation wood tile does not accumulate dust and does not require special maintenance care, since it does not need to be polished or slashed as is the case with wood-coated floors.
  • Wood-effect ceramic stoneware floors are easily cleaned with water and commonly used detergent, unlike wood, which requires special products.
  • Imitation wood ceramic tiles do not accumulate microorganisms either, thus avoiding possible allergies.


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The imitation wood ceramic tiles are easily adaptable to the floor of any room due to their great variety of shapes and sizes , whether it is for interior or exterior flooring. Wood is much more vulnerable, especially outdoors.



Imitation wood ceramic stoneware is a material for covering floors that is much more sustainable than wood because of:

  • Its resistance : by not being damaged, the imitation wood ceramic stoneware floor can remain unchanged for a long period of time. The longer a product lasts, the more sustainable it is, since it avoids having to use resources to replace it.
  • Being a non-toxic, fire-retardant, inert and aseptic material: imitation wood ceramic stoneware floors keep the air around them clean and healthy as they do not contain persistent organic pollutants (POPs).
  • Its maintenance: The environmental impact is minimal in imitation wood porcelain floors since, for cleaning and care, it is not necessary to use aggressive, corrosive or toxic products that are used in the maintenance of wood.
  • Its origin : the origin of the wood that covers the floors must be monitored, since it is not considered a sustainable material if it comes from irresponsible exploitation.


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Variety of colors and finishes

The imitation wood ceramic stoneware has a Huge variety of colors and finishes that, due to their high quality, make it difficult to distinguish aesthetically from a wooden floor, reproducing its grain and textures, and inspired by all kinds of wood such as walnut, pine, oak… It’s much easier achieve aesthetic homogeneity in the imitation wood ceramic floors than in wood floors, since wood can vary greatly aesthetically, which makes it difficult to partially replace it when necessary.


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Underfloor heating

The imitation wood ceramic flooring on the floor, in addition to obtaining an excellent natural wood finish, is the best conductor that exists for this type of heating. Tiles that imitate parquet are the most used.


Wood-look ceramic floor tiles are more affordable than certain types of solid wood with similar strength and durability.

What is the difference between ceramic stoneware and imitation wood porcelain stoneware?

The main difference between ceramic stoneware and porcelain lies in its quality .


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Types of imitation wood ceramic floors

There are two types of ceramic materials for imitation wood floors :

  • Ceramic imitation wood
  • Imitation wood porcelain

Both ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles or tiles have the same exposed advantages.


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The difference in its quality is due to the fact that imitation wood porcelain stoneware is characterized by having an almost non-existent porosity that allows it to obtain a greater capacity for absorbing water and, therefore, to be more resistant and durable than imitation wood ceramic stoneware. The wood-effect porcelain floor is the most appropriate for use outdoors.

At AZTECA we have the best catalog of imitation wood ceramic floors with a wide variety of materials and designs of all kinds:

  • Barrica
  • Delhi
  • Legno
  • Nairobi


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