Azteca Experience. The virtual house to discover the latest ceramic trends

AZTECA EXPERIENCE is an innovative way of learning about the latest market trends developed for ceramic surfaces thanks to a virtual experience that will provide the user with new and different sensations within the world of interior design and decoration. From your computer, tablet or mobile, in your office, at home or wherever you want.

Are you ready?

AZTECA EXPERIENCE is the new digital tool that Azteca launches on the market in the firm’s tireless attempt to reach the client as closely as possible. It is a tool in which you can travel inside different houses located in different parts of the world through virtual tours.

With AZTECA EXPERIENCE it is possible to hold conventions or virtual meetings to show customers products or news, without the need to travel, thanks to the implementation of new technologies in this digital revolution in which we are immersed. Azteca Experience is the brand’s commitment to digitization and innovation.

The tool, as you can see, is very practical. It only requires accessing the site, registering through a small form and the next step is to access the platform, select the home we want to visit and “travel in Azteca Experience”. We encourage you to travel from home with… AZTECA EXPERIENCE.