5 decoration styles for living rooms

Everyone has their own personality and every living room their own style. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, we show you the decoration styles for living rooms that will take the world by storm in 2023:


Nordic Style


A trend for homes that has been strong in recent years. And this time will not be less. Originating in Nordic countries where sunny days are conspicuous by their absence, the Nordic style of decoration for living rooms is characterized by light colors and wooden elements. In this setting, the cement imitation wall tile of the Kai collection simulates the shade of the sky of these cloudy countries. Adding a decoration on one of the walls will enhance the design.


decoración para salones estilo nórdico

Azteca, Kai collection


Modern Classic Style


The decoration for modern classic style living rooms is characterized by combining different types of elements, from the most vintage to the most current. In this case, the living room tiles from the San Francisco collection, with their metallic touch and aquamarine color, bring the most modern and youthful side. Meanwhile, the natural furniture with vintage touches creates the most classic side. A risky combination that stands out for designing eclectic living rooms.


decoración para salones moderna

Azteca, San Francisco collection


Minimalist Style


Under the motto ‘less is more’, the minimalist style for living rooms creates spaces that are characterized by their apparent simplicity and serenity. It features smooth floors and walls and furniture in dark shades. Within this trend, the latest trend is to cover one of the walls (usually where the fireplace or television is located) with tiles for living rooms in dark shades.


decoración para salones minimalista

Azteca, Bellver collection


Romantic Style


Romantic style living rooms reflect a delicate, warm and timeless space. In addition to the predominance of pastel shades such as pinks and beiges, natural elements such as light wood or white furniture cannot be missing in this trend. In turn, marble imitation ceramic floors such as those in the Calacatta collection, in their new hexagonal format, add an extra touch of classic romanticism.


decoración para salones romántica

Azteca, Calacatta collection

Rustic Style


Nature fills homes with a rustic style. A trend characterized by the predominance of natural elements such as wood or stone. These elements generate a cozy atmosphere, so essential in the decoration for living rooms as it is the most used room in our homes.


decoración para salones rústica

Azteca, Bellver collection